the UK consultation has begun

together we can ban trophy hunting

campaign successes – our petitions, protests and political engagement led to liverpool and birmingham TURNing away TROPHY HUNT EXHIBITORS
NEC Announcement, barring trophy hunt companies
Campaign success, petition, protest and political lobbying with our local partners
Liverpool campaign
And again in Liverpool, 100,000 people signed our petition, Liverpool politicians listened and cancelled the whole show


Keeping trophy Hunting in the news

Opinion polls

survey after survey shows how popular a ban on trophy hunting is in Britain


Zac Goldsmith MP Environment Minister
Sue Hayman MP Shadow Defra Minister

Cross Party Support is a crucial element of our campaign, Zac Goldsmith’s launch of the UK Consultation has the backing of Boris Johnson. Sue Hayman has announced a manifesto pledge on behalf of Labour ” Trophy hunting is cruel and unjustifiable and can act as a cover for illegal poaching. Labour would end the import of wild animal trophies from threatened species.”

raising awareness

Sir ranulph Fiennes
Ranulph Fiennes speaking at Westminster in support of a ban on trophy hunting
Peter Egan
Peter Egan supporting our event at Westminster photo Paul Nicholls
Kevin Pieterson
Kevin Pieterson supporting our campaign at Westminster photo Paul Nicholls
Bill Bailey
Bill Bailey supporting the campaign to ban trophy hunting at Westminster
Our Youth Ambassador, Elizabeth Fiennes, daughter of Sir Ranulph Fiennes, speaking In London on the 4th anniversary of the killing of Cecil the lion, just outside of Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe.

investigations and research