UK Consultation on Trophy Hunting


The UK government has opened a public consultation into proposals to ban trophy hunting imports & exports. Deadline 25th February

There are TWO ways you can make your voice heard.

1. Send an email to the government saying that you support OPTION 3 for a TOTAL BAN. Below is a draft email that you can copy/adapt and send.

2. Respond to the Government’s Survey. Below is a link to a document with suggested responses to the survey.


Below is a suggested email you can send. Please adapt and personalise this message to make it your own.

Subject: Consultation on Controls on the import and export of hunting trophies

Dear Minister

I am writing to express my support for Option 3 – a ban on all hunting trophies entering or leaving the UK – as set out in the Consultation on Controls on the import and export of hunting trophies.

Killing animals for ‘trophies’ is cruel, unnecessary, and indefensible for the following reasons:

Studies show that many species targeted by trophy hunters are social, emotional, intelligent beings. Killing them for ‘sport’ goes against basic civilised values.

Canned hunting – breeding animals in captivity and then shooting them in enclosures – is the height of immorality.

Saying that trophy hunting of endangered species is beneficial to conservation, but that illegal poaching of the same species is harmful, makes no sense.

Adding needless persecution to the growing threats faced by wildlife from habitat loss and climate change is even more senseless.

The laws on hunting and conservation are untenable. An impoverished African can be punished for killing a wild animal simply to survive. Wealthy foreigners able to pay for the privilege can shoot the same animal for ‘sport’ and ‘selfies’.

Britain has given taxpayer-funded aid to projects that support a ‘sport’ for the elite which entrenches social inequalities, as well as normalises killing of wildlife for pleasure. This must end.

To say that trophy hunting is a vital source of income for people in Africa is misleading. Very few jobs have been created for locals. The main beneficiaries of ‘trophy fees’ are often officials, some of them corrupt, and overseas companies.

The trophy hunting industry gives awards to those who have killed the most animals in the most countries. It promotes Records Books that actively encourage hunters to shoot the biggest and strongest individuals. These animals score the most ‘points’, winning the hunter a place in coveted annuals.

We are now seeing potentially disastrous ‘artificial selection’ in many species. The size of elephant tusks and other animals’ horns is getting smaller. Killing large males reduces genetic diversity, making it less likely those species can adapt to global warming.

Studies have linked trophy hunting to major impacts on wildlife populations. They also show some remarkable recoveries where trophy hunting has been halted.

Governments everywhere should adopt the precautionary principle of conservation. The burden of proof must be shifted to the proponents of trophy hunting.

Policy-makers, scientists, businesses and conservation groups should work together to support sustainable economic development that creates prosperity for local communities through preserving natural heritage.

Trophy hunting has no place in the modern world. By banning hunting trophy imports and exports, Britain can help begin to close this chapter in our history.

We urge the government to implement Option 3 as quickly as possible, and to work with other governments to help end all trophy hunting.

Yours sincerely


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