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Please write to the new Defra Ministers, Theresa Villiers MP and Zac Goldsmith MP telling them you want a ban on trophy imports to the UK.

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Dear Theresa Villiers and Zac Goldsmith

I was horrified to read in this weekend’s newspapers stories about trophy hunting of polar bears and puffins. 

This follows a series of recent revelations about British companies involved in canned lion hunting, the growing number of trophy imports entering the U.K. of species such as lions and elephants, and how the law allows even endangered wildlife to be shot and their trophies imported into the U.K.

A recent opinion poll shows that 75% of voters want imports of wildlife trophies banned. A number of newspapers have published editorials backing a ban, including The Times and the Daily Mirror. 

More than 170 MPs of all parties have signed EDM 1829 in support of a ban – including the Westminster leaders of 5 political parties. A recent debate in Westminster Hall showed unanimous support for a ban. 

I would strongly urge you to implement a U.K. trophy import ban as soon as possible, and also to call on CITES to close the loophole which allows the sport hunting of endangered wildlife. 

Yours sincerely

CoP18/cites meeting starts in August

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CITES petition

Sign and Share our CITES petition calling for an end to the ludicrous exemption for trophy hunters
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#CITES #CoP18 #closetheloophole #BanTrophyHunting

Sign our petition and send an email to your MP letting them know you want them to support EDM1829 supporting a ban on trophy imports to the UK.

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