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Spotlight on CITES

Incredibly CITES allows hunting trophies to be exported. The reason? Trophy hunting is exempted as it is considered a “non-commercial” activity, alongside scientific research. We are calling on CITES’ secretariat and member states to amend the Convention to include trophy hunting

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Spotlight on the UK – It’s time we had a UK Ban on Trophy Hunting Imports

STOP UK Imports

Take action on trophy imports to the UK. Sign this petition and send an email to your MP letting them know you want them to support EDM1829 supporting a ban on trophy imports to the UK.

Our open letter to the government has been signed by over 50 public figures



Spotlight on Botswana – keep the ban on hunting elephants.

Group with Iain
We took our petition to the Botswana High Commission in London with Bill Oddie, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Peter Egan and Carol Royle

Let’s keep the pressure on and keep the trophy hunting ban in place, follow the links below to send your message – that we want elephants to be protected!


Send Botswana’s President a direct message via social media to say how much elephants mean to you!

Botswana open letter graphic



Make your voice heard – wherever you are in the world! Contact details for Botswana’s Ambassadors, High Commissioners and Consuls Click here: BOTSWANA EMBASSIES

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