Giraffe numbers are falling dramatically, while trophy hunters continue to kill them without restriction. We are calling on CITES CoP18, to uplist these incredible animals to give them some protection. Please sign and share our petition

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STOP allowing British hunters to glorify the killing of elephants overseas by bring their ‘trophies’ back to this country to show off as status symbols.

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British MPs debate a ban on trophy hunting

You can watch the debate here

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The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting also met with Environment Minister Michael Gove on Wednesday 15th May to discuss a ban on hunting trophy imports.

Together with our colleagues from Lion Aid and the Born Free Foundation, we made a great start on the topic, and reached consensus on the issue of canned lions, there will be further meetings to discuss this issue.
Please contact your Member of Parliament TODAY! We’ve prepared a comprehensive briefing full of key facts and figures that you can send to them. Download below.

We have an opportunity NOW to make a difference. Let’s use it!!
PS Use the hashtag #bantrophyhunting on any social media posts.

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Join us in London, on the Saturday closest to the unjust killing of this magnificent lion.
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Please sign these petitions before this year’s CITES meeting CoP18 to support better protection of endangered species;
Protect Giraffes
CITES Close the Loophole

Sign our petition and send an email to your MP letting them know you want them to support EDM1829 supporting a ban on trophy imports to the UK.

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Sign and Share our CITES petition calling for an end to the ludicrous exemption for trophy hunters
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Please also sign and share these petitions from our partners against trophy hunting imports;
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