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Working with (left to right) Lion Aid, Born Free, Maasai elder Boniface Mpario, Peter Egan and Humane Society International, we amassed 1 million signatures which we took to 10 Downing Street
Amy the Ban Trophy Hunting Campaigning Squirrel

Thank you to all of our supporters (with and without fur!) for writing to your MP, to companies, local councillors, spreading the word by wearing our T-shirts, signing and sharing our petitions;

You are all awesome!


Kick out the trophy hunters from the IUCN

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) WCEL report shows that trophy hunting clearly conflicts from the core values of this global conservation body. The inclusion of trophy hunt advocates such as Safari Club International, Conservation Force, and CIC as members of the IUCN is an anomaly that needs to be urgently addressed. Sign and Share.

SIGN our petition to Fred Smith CEO FedEx to STOP transporting hunting trophies

Petition on Canned Tigers, Lions and other big cats, these incredible creatures are bred for the bullet and the bone trade in South Africa. #BrandSouthAfrica

trophy hunt free councils


Please write to your council asking them to pass a resolution BANNING any business involved in trophy hunting from being allowed to exhibit, market or sell any product or service related to trophy hunting.

Below is a model resolution, to send to your local councillor asking them to take action

If you live in the UK you can find the name and contact details of your local Councillor here

Sample Motion

Council resolution:

  • “This Council notes that trophy hunting companies are seeking to exhibit and sell trophy hunting ‘holidays’ to British people at events around the country.
  • “This Council further notes a recent opinion poll which found that 86% of people in Britain want a universal ban on trophy hunting.
  • “This Council believes that trophy hunting is cruel, barbaric, and has no place in a civilised society.
  • “This Council declares its complete opposition to trophy or so-called ‘sport’ or big-game hunting.
  • “This Council will therefore not permit any company involved in trophy hunting to market, exhibit or sell hunting expeditions or paraphernalia associated with trophy hunting, including trophies, in any of its facilities or in any venue or place of business where the council is required to issue a licence to businesses permitting them to operate or exhibit.
  • “Council will write to the Prime Minister calling on the government to implement a comprehensive ban on imports from trophy hunting, and calling on it to ban the promotion of trophy hunting at events and exhibitions across the UK.”

UK Government action

Thank you to all of you who wrote to the Defra Ministers, Theresa Villiers MP and Zac Goldsmith MP telling them you want a ban on trophy imports to the UK.

Thanks to you, Defra have begun the consultation into banning the import and export of hunting trophies. You can take part in this process. More info.

“The fight against trophy hunting of endangered animals matters. That is why I am delighted that the Government will consult on a ban on the import of these trophies.

By placing a higher value on animals alive rather than dead, we will begin to turn back the tide of extinction.”

Defra Press release 1st October

CoP18/cites August 2019

BUT! do not forget that Species are not protected from trophy hunters by cites legislation

CITES petition

At the latest CoP meeting the trophy hunting ‘quota’ for Appendix I listed black rhinos was doubled. Please Sign and Share our CITES petition calling for an end to the outrageous and cruel exemption for trophy hunters
Please use these Hashtags:
#CITES #CoP18 #closetheloophole #BanTrophyHunting

Please sign and share these petitions against trophy hunting:

Protect Giraffes under the US Endangered Species Act

Stop the promotion of trophy hunting in Germany

Trophy Hunting France
Born Free – endangered species
Lion Aid – stop lion trophy imports
Stop Trophy Imports in Germany