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One Animal Killed Every Three Minutes: Trophy Hunting Is Out Of Control!

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Trophy hunters killed one animal every three minutes over the last decade, a damning study reveals, with creatures gunned down from helicopters.Bloodthirsty trophy-hunters are killing one animal every three minutes, a damning …

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Trophy Hunting Is Cruel And Barbaric – It Must Be Stopped!

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New book reveals explosive insight into the hidden world of trophy hunting. Trophy Hunters Exposed – Inside the Big Game Industry is the result of an exhaustive two-year investigation into the industry …

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Join Ricky Gervais In Putting An End To Trophy Hunting For Good!

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Ricky Gervais Slams Trophy Hunters Five Years On From Death Of Cecil The Lion! Ricky Gervais has thrown his support behind a ban on trophy hunting calling it ‘humanity at its very …