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Links to published research on the impacts of trophy hunting.

The US Congressional report on international trophy hunting 2019

Testimony to the US Congress, July 18, 2019 By Iris Ho, on behalf of the Humane Society of the United States in support of H.R. 2245, Conserving Ecosystems by Ceasing the Importation of Large Animal Trophies Act (herein, the CECIL Act).

Trophy Hunting – A Relic of the Past Published in the Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation Report by Myanna Dellinger which concludes that ” Time has come to end the practice of trophy hunting of threatened or endangered species. It is a relic of the past. “

Economic FAILURE of trophy hunting

THIS REPORT found that JUST 3% OF FEES GO TO COMMUNITIES The $200 Million question – Examining the Claims of Economic Benefits of Trophy Hunting

The economics of poaching, trophy and canned hunting

artificial selection

Trophy hunting targets successful males in their prime, reversing natural selection and weakening the gene pool – those established males have the attributes trophy hunters target Paying the PriceNew Research indicates trophy hunters pay more to target large-bodied carnivores

conservation failure of trophy hunting


Trophy Hunters target rare speciesOn the use of the IUCN status for the management of trophy hunting

Lucille Palazy, Christophe Bonenfant, Jean-Michel Gaillard and Franck Courchamp 

“Our results suggest that although a protective IUCN status lowers the exploitation of the moderately threatened species, hunting pressure on the most threatened one increases instead. The findings support the possibility of an anthropogenic Allee effect (AAE), i.e. a disproportionate exploitation of the rarest species. Implications. The highly profitable exploitation of rare species could have harmful consequences, unless appropriate management actions and protection rules are enforced.”


A Psychology of trophy hunting: A new book just published on the motivation of individuals that trophy hunt.


IUCN World Commission of Environmental Law Ethics Committee report on trophy hunting. Compatibility of Trophy Hunting as a Form of Sustainable Use with IUCN’s Objectives

Ethics should not be ignored when it comes to conservation. Batavia et al on Trophy Hunting

Trophy hunting – can it really be justified by ‘conservation benefits’? Melanie Flynn