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2nd September

revealed: brits killing monkeys for fun

August 18th-28th

cites – cop18

We handed in our letter to Ivonne Higuero signed by 50 MEPs and NGOs

Time to Act

July 2019

Mirror Launches Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting

3rd July



1st July

Can hunting – the times editorial

Trophy hunting firms coming to britain

23rd June

revealed today: british man profits from canned hunts

1st June

IUCN and cites influenced by pro hunt lobby

23rd May

botswana lifts ban on trophy hunting elephants
Hunters given green light to kill elephants

20th May

Zac goldsmith Mp ‘Let’s act on trophy hunting’

17th May

martyn day mp demands an end to trophy imports
chris evans mp declares it is our duty to ban trophy imports
Hippos sold off to trophy hunters in sick slaughter disguised as ‘cull’

The Mirror

15th May

The Heat Intensifies on Michael Gove to ban Trophy Imports to Great Britain

UK Parliamentary Debate on trophy hunting

MPs held a passionate debate on trophy hunting in Westminster. Hansard transcript here

15th May Gove Meeting – Consensus on canned lions – but still no government announcement.

We attended a roundtable of 25 people representing the Government, Hunting groups, International bodies and NGOs at Defra with Michael Gove and Therese Coffey. There was complete consensus around the table – including from the two active hunting lobbyists – for a ban on the imports of lion trophies from the canned lion hunting industry of South Africa.

Feedback from Lion Aid here. Article in The Telegraph

15th May

The Heat Intensifies on Michael Gove The Canary

May 13th

The Times reports on the huge rise in imports of hunting trophies

5th May 2019

Prolific Trophy hunter
Tony Sanchez-Arino exposed

Eduardo Goncalves, founder of the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting, said: ‘This man is little more than a serial killer of wildlife. Governments give them licences to kill, and the hunting industry lavishes them with awards.
‘Cold-blooded killers like Sanchez-Arino should get prison, not permits and prizes’

Read more in The Sun

Read more in the Mail on Sunday

Tony Sanchez-Arino the prolific hunter exposed in the Mail on Sunday.

Simba’s first days of freedom after a life as a farmed lion bred for the bullet.

South African Lion Farmer Charged

The NSPCA has laid criminal charges against Jan Steinman, a lion farmer in North West, for several contraventions of the Animal Protection Act after 108 lions, caracal, tigers and leopards were found in filthy and parasitic conditions. Read the full story here

28th April 2019

Independent online Increase in trophy hunting after Cecil’s killing

Lion farming – Britain’s role

Revealed: britain’s shameful role in elephant hunting

17th March 2019

EXPOSED: Britain’s top “Big Game Hunter”

The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting today reveals the identity of a man who has killed wild animals on 5 different continents and won the trophy hunting industry’s top “Oscars” for his exploits. 

Malcolm King has killed Big Game, wild cats, bears, deer, sheep, goats, oxen and other species in Africa, Asia, the South Pacific and across Europe.

He has at least 125 entries in the notorious Safari Club ‘Records Book’, and has won their coveted ‘Pinnacle of Achievement’ and ‘Zenith Award’ among a staggering haul of 36 top prizes with the trophy hunting industry body. 

British Pensioner Malcolm King is one of the world’s most prolific hunters

The Mail

The Mirror



27th February 2019

International Polar Bear Day 2019: Report reveals thousands of polar bears killed by trophy hunters

An investigation by the Campaign to Ban trophy Hunting has revealed that up to 5,000 endangered polar bears were killed for “recreational hunting” in recent years.

A new report also shows there has been a dramatic rise in Chinese demand for polar bear hides and gall bladders for use in so-called ‘traditional medicines’.

Polar bears are at growing risk of extinction due to climate change. With as few as 20,000 polar bears left in the wild,  the Campaign has called on Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to ban all polar bear trophy hunting. In a new petition, it also asks the Canadian leader to halt commercial trade in polar bear body parts.


16th December 2018

Celebrities & MPs call on government to ban hunting trophies

Michael Gove urged to stop issuing import permits after revelations that elephant tusks and growing numbers of lion trophies are being brought into U.K.

Over 50 leading public figures have called on the government to stop hunters being allowed to bring trophies of endangered wildlife into the country.

It follows revelations by the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting that 2 tonnes of elephant ivory have been allowed into Britain by the government over the last decade.

The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting has also revealed that the number of lion trophies coming into the U.K. has doubled since the death of Cecil the lion in 2015.


Tuesday 4th December 2018

Lion Trophies coming into U.K. have DOUBLED since Cecil’s death

Sir Ranulph Fiennes blames government’s broken promise to ban lion trophy imports

The number of lion trophies brought back to the U.K. by hunters has DOUBLED since the killing of Cecil, an investigation has found.

The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting said many of the animals were killed at controversial South African “lion factory farms” that breed them in enclosures for “cut-price trophies”.


25th November 2018

Revealed: British hunters kill endangered wildlife & bring home elephant ivory

Jeremy Corbyn, Zac Goldsmith, Sir Ed Davey, Caroline Lucas & MPs from the SNP, Plaid Cymru & DUP are supporting the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting’s call for an urgent ban on importing hunting trophies.

New figures released today show that U.K. trophy hunters brought home 2 tonnes of elephant tusks from Africa over the past decade.

They also show that nearly 400 “trophies” from the world’s most endangered animals have been brought into Britain by hunters in recent years.

A motion calling for an urgent ban on trophy imports has now won the support of Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem, SNP, Plaid Cymru, Green Party, and Democratic Unionist Party MPs.


29th October 2018

Celebrities & campaigners demand halt to new Elephant Hunting Plan

Conservationists, stars and MPs are demanding a halt to plans to allow trophy hunters to legally kill what they say is the world’s most important elephant population.

Their call marks the launch of a new global campaign to make trophy hunting illegal.

Campaigners say that plans to hunt elephants in Botswana could push the species further towards extinction.




Fury at Polar Bear trophy hunting as ‘pay-for-slay sportsmen’ kill THOUSANDS – Daily Express

Elephant Meat could be used for Pet Food in Botswana if hunting is legalized – NEWSWEEK

Ban imports of hunting trophies to the UK – The Guardian

Hunting ban: Superstars call for end to ‘cruel and archaic’ trophy hunting – Daily Express

Carol Vorderman and Liam Gallagher back campaign against trophy hunting – The Guardian

More than 50 celebrities – including Joanna Lumley and Carol Vorderman – sign letter demanding a ban on trophy hunters importing horns and furs – Mail on Sunday

Surge in lion body parts including heads, skulls, skins and feet shipped to UK by trophy hunters – despite government pledge to ban the controversial imports – Mail on Sunday

UK trophy hunters have killed HUNDREDS of elephants and shipped more than 700 tusks back to this country by exploiting legal loophole – Mail on Sunday

The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting says an “extraordinary loophole” is allowing elephant horns into the UK

Jeremy Corbyn and Zac Goldsmith back campaign’s calls for urgent ban on importing hunting trophies – iNews

Big-game hunters have brought thousands of gruesome ‘trophies’ including elephant tusks and body parts to UK by exploiting legal loophole – Evening Standard

“This is grotesque, uncontrolled slaughter on a massive scale and it’s pushing threatened species to the brink of extinction”

Who would want to kill a lion? Inside the minds of trophy hunters – The Guardian

‘BAN trophy hunting’ Fury as elephant and lion trophies are shipped into UK – Daily Express