Europeans Against Canned Hunts

Our latest campaign is in coalition with NGOs across Europe, and in South Africa.

We are launching a social media and political awareness campaign to stop Europeans from playing an unwitting part in the terrible industry of canned lions in South Africa.

Tourist ‘walking with lions’ experiences and ‘voluntourism’ packages financially support this ruthless industry.

We are raising awareness about the truth of volunteering to work with ‘orphaned’ lion cubs to lion walking ‘experiences’, which are lucrative ways that lion farmers use to profit from these lions from their birth to their grisly deaths at the hands of trophy hunters of these tamed lions and the sale of lion skeletons in the lion bone trade.

Ian Michler of Blood Lions explained to British members of Parliament in October, 2020 that this industry serves NO conservation purpose, that it poses a threat to wild lion populations and a disease risk to low paid farmworkers. The majority of lion ‘trophies’ imported into Britain are captive-bred lions from South Africa.

Cub Petting and voluntourism

Enthused animal-loving Europeans prop up this vile industry without realising it through paying to volunteer at lion breeding farms in South Africa, the irresistible appeal of bottle feeding lion cubs that are just weeks or even days old is ruthlessly exploited and in some cases is funding the lion breeding farm $50-100,000 per month. Innocent animal loving volunteers savings are tragically funding this exploitation in the belief that this is helping conservation.

Beth Jennings was one of these volunteers, this is her experience.

short animated videos in 9 different languages

Short animations showing the life cycle of captive lions in South Africa, are available in 9 languages, please share to spread the real facts of this industry

there is no conservation value

disease risk

peer-reviewed research on disease risk

African Lions and Zoonotic Diseases: Implications for Commercial Lion Farms in South Africa

blood lions trailer

published Research

African Lions and Zoonotic Diseases: Implications for Commercial Lion Farms in South Africa

Evidence of a further emerging threat to lion conservation; targeted poaching for body parts

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