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Trophy hunting is barbaric and should be banned immediately

Ask Boris Johnson to get the Ban Done Now. The UK Government has AGREED to stop British hunters from bringing their sick trophies back into Britain… but won’t say WHEN. You can make a real difference by helping us pressure the UK Government into implementing a ban now. Trophy hunting is barbaric and should be banned immediately.
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  • Over 100 different species of animal are killed by Trophy Hunters every year.

  • 50% of animals shot by Trophy Hunters are not killed instantly and suffer slow, painful deaths

  • The hunting industry awards PRIZES to people who shoot hundreds of animals

  • Some Trophy Hunters have single-handedly shot THOUSANDS of animals

  • 85% of voters want a TOTAL ban on Trophy Hunting
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Below are some of Britain's Trophy Hunters with the animals they killed for "SPORT", SELFIES, AND SOUVENIRS.

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