Giraffe numbers are falling dramatically, while trophy hunters continue to kill them without restriction. We are calling on CITES CoP18, to uplist these incredible animals to give them some protection. Please sign and share our petition

Judi Dench

A License to NOT kill

Judi Dench has joined a cast of celebrities supporting our call for a ban on trophy hunting.

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Petition Michael Gove

STOP allowing British hunters to glorify the killing of elephants overseas by bring their ‘trophies’ back to this country to show off as status symbols.

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The Heat Intensifies on Michael Gove to ban Trophy Imports to Great Britain

in the news

14th June

sick lioness trophy withdrawn from auction

1st June

IUCN and cites influenced by pro hunt lobby

17th May

Trophy Hunting in the spotlight

15th May

The Heat Intensifies on Michael Gove The Canary

13th May

Trophy imports increase

5th May, 2019

Tony Sanchez-Arino the prolific hunter exposed.

Simba’s first days of freedom after a life as a farmed lion bred for the bullet.

Trophy hunting doubles after Cecil’s killing

British hunters encouraged by the killing of Cecil the lion to shoot more big cats in South Africa’s deadly breeding farms.
Independent online reveals

Lord Ashcroft exposes South Africa’s lion farms

Britain’s role in trophy hunting

Your donation will support our investigations to expose the cruelty of trophy hunting, fight the powerful interests behind this immoral industry, and help save innocent animals from being butchered for sick “entertainment”.

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